Tax-Smart Strategies to Pay for College

The big advantage of 529 plans is that qualified withdrawals are always federal-income-taxfree and usually state-income-tax-free too. What you may not know is that not all 529 withdrawals are tax-free qualified withdrawals, even in years when you have heavy college costs. This article explains what we think are the six most important things to know about 529 withdrawals:

Point No. 1: You Usually Have Several Payment Options
Point No. 2: Watch Out for Withdrawals from 529 Accounts Funded with Custodial Account Money
Point No. 3: The IRS Knows about Withdrawals
Point No. 4: Withdrawals May Be Taxable Even in Years When Substantial College Costs Are Incurred
Point No. 5: When You Keep a Withdrawal, There Are Tax Consequences
Point No. 6: Withdrawals Not Used for Education Can Also Be Hit with a 10 Percent Penalty Tax

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