I-Cash Can Become Your Cash

I-Cash is the unclaimed property program in Illinois. It safeguards property that is unclaimed, such as unpaid life insurance benefits and forgotten bank accounts. The state treasurer is required to return the money to the public whenever they can.

During the pandemic, I-Cash returned $226 million in lost or misplaced money to about 174,000 people. This was beneficial to those struggling economically during the Covid Pandemic.

There are continuing efforts to improve the I-Cash system that will hopefully make it an easier and more efficient process. With these advancements over the past five years, almost 1.2 billion dollars has been paid out to those who filled claims.

Since the program is growing, there are now paperless claims. Additionally, legislators working in concert with the treasurer have sent unclaimed property checks to qualify members who hadn’t even filed a claim.

There is still more unclaimed property that is updated twice every year. If you want to file a claim, click the link!